About us

We are people whose life paths are closely intertwined with real estate. For years associated with the real estate market, we have learned about the mechanisms that guide their sale. For us, the sale of real estate means not only profits and profits, but most of all the client's needs, which has become our way of life.

Together, we have combined our strength and skills to create the AMERICAN HOME brand, which has the Federation License of the Polish Real Estate Market Agreement. Our overriding goal is the highest quality of real estate brokerage and sale.

Through many years of learning and learning about sales techniques, we prove that selling is a real action movie, hiding a wealth of fascinating arrangements, directing and dialogues, leading buyers to each property sold.

Get to know us closer ...

Łukasz - Real Estate Development and Sales Director

Licensed Broker of the Federation of the Polish Real Estate Market Agreement, license number 22633
Telephone: +48 501 635 879 and(55) 221 08 88
E-mail adress: biuro@americanhome.pl

Real estate broker with 9 years of experience. When getting ready for a meeting with him, be prepared that you will be inundated with a lot of information and he will probably also reveal some sales secrets used by the best brokers.

He will verify the legal status of your property and find a solution to any problem related to its sale. He will ensure that your property is always properly advertised.

His favorite life and sales motto is: "Expect the best".
The personal goal of brokerage is to prove that the broker is a sales specialist and not an amateur address trader.

Barbara - Financial Advisor / Real estate sales specialist

Telephone: +48 505 310 148 and (55) 221 08 88
E-mail adress: bgrzyb@americanhome.pl

He is a person who gives away millions left and right every day. He has been working in banking for 20 years and knows how to arrange a loan and go through the entire banking procedure. She will help every customer, just be honest with her.

He will take care of the interests of each client and will do everything to make the decision positive. After all, how to work is for millions

Her favorite life motto is: “Those who win - never let go. Those who let go - never win… ”.

Anna - Real estate sales specialist

Licencjonowany Pośrednik Federacji Porozumienia Polskiego Rynku Nieruchomości, nr licencji 22631
Telephone: +48 508 306 699 and (55) 221 08 88
E-mail adress: sekretariat@americanhome.pl

Professional Home Stager. In interiors, he values ​​harmony, simplicity and functionality. She loves minimalism and is a perfectionist. From the very beginning, he will start to look closely at your property. It will help you prepare your property for sale in a way that no buyer can resist. It will highlight all the advantages and minimize disadvantages.

Thanks to Ania, the time to sell your property will be reduced by at least half, and the price you will achieve will certainly be much higher. Her eye will not miss any detail that could disturb the harmony in the interior, and her innate intuition will make even you look at your property from a completely new perspective.

Her life motto is "do what you love and you will not work a single day in your life".

Marlena - Real estate sales advisor

Telephone: +48 790 835 881 and (55) 221 08 88
E-mail adress: mziolkowska@americanhome.pl

Working in real estate gives me a lot of adrenaline and happiness every day, but I can also try my hand in various situations. This is great!

Like other people on our team, I also value clients' satisfaction with the work I have put into their case. Selling or buying real estate with them is pure satisfaction!

I appreciate each of our clients and I thank them for believing in my ability to find him a suitable place to live. This also applies to the sale of real estate with which he has decided to part.

Her motto in life is: "Patience and perseverance have a magical effect - they make difficulties disappear and obstacles disappear."

Marcin - Real estate sales advisor

Telephone: +48 530 370 256 and (55) 221 08 88
E-mail adress: mtalerczyk@americanhome.pl

He puts first and foremost advice, honesty and individual approach to sales. He serves each business partner in the same way as he would like to be served. During joint cooperation, he will develop a plan of action, advice and creativity. She is a dynamic, committed person, seeing only challenges that need to be solved. Constant development means that he gives more from himself every day. He has amazing listening skills and tries to explore the needs of the other person from the very beginning. Real estate is his great passion, thanks to which you can constantly see a smile on his face. He gets up, breathes and works - what else could you want to be effective.

His motto is: "You will get everything you want in life if you help enough people to achieve what they want."