Home staging

We work with a design studio that will help you find an idea for a functional and comfortable space tailored to your individual needs. It will also help you choose the necessary materials, furniture and decorations, propose specific solutions, prepare visualizations and technical documentation for the contractor of finishing works.

It will also make sure that everything is within the budget you specify. Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy your investment - your own dream home or a unique space for rent, to which customers will be happy to come back.

Professional INTERIOR DESIGN means measurable benefits:

  • are proposals of specific solutions tailored to your needs, thanks to which you do not have to browse the entire market offer and wonder if the selected elements fit together.

  • you save time, because you get the solutions that best suit your needs and preferences.

  • saving money, because defining specific products and accessories protects against missed purchases. It is also access to high discounts unavailable to other people for the investment being implemented.

  • saving nerves thanks to technical documentation, because the renovation team and contractors know exactly what to do.

  • is a tailor-made project - tailored to individual preferences, personal visual style and lifestyle - on an aesthetic, functional and financial level.

  • it is care for the implementation of the project within the assumed budget, thanks to which the cost of the project, constituting 1-3% of the investment value, can translate into 100% satisfaction with the final result.

  • is the possibility of including the project costs in the amount of the loan taken out to finance the investment, which will allow to spread its costs over time.

  • Finally, they are beautiful interiors that are unique thanks to you, your family. Interiors where you can feel good and come back after work with pleasure.

If you do not need a complete design, it is enough to dispel doubts or find an interior idea, the designer will help and advise:

  • in the arrangement of partition walls, the functional arrangement of furniture and equipment,

  • in the selection of finishing materials,

  • in the selection of colors for walls and ceilings,

  • in finding the right lighting,

  • in the selection of accessories, decorations, etc.

  • or any other interior design topic that is important to you.

And all this to make your space a place for a good life.